Time for Play

Your gifts at work

For children like Amal (not her real name), the Peace Oasis Centre offers respite and hope. Amal is growing up in the Za'atari refugee camp in northern Jordan. She's only six but she's already seen her father disappear and her brother killed in the conflict that has torn her Syrian homeland apart. For her and other children and youth, Peace Oasis provides a safe and child-friendly space where they can participate in activities such as drama, visual arts, games, group discussions and workshops on conflict mitigation skills. They learn communication skills, solve problems and build their self-esteem.

Peace Oasis Centre, a creation of The Lutheran World Federation and supported by CLWR, is working to develop a culture of peace and to build resilience in dealing with the impacts of the conflict situation. In 2015, it reached over 2,600 children and youth.