Your gifts at work

Principal Al-ShooshiPrincipal Abeer Ahmad Al-Shooshi wants to be sure her students are safe. The Um Al-Brak Primary Mixed School in Naour Village, Amman Governorate in Jordan, has 120 primary age students and a staff of nine teachers, all of whom are female. She's grateful for the work being done at the school to improve the washroom facilities. In partnership with Global Affairs Canada and Jordan's Ministry of Education, CLWR is renovating and upgrading washrooms and classrooms at more than 60 schools in Jordan. Improved washrooms mean better access to toilets and clean water, improving hygiene and the safety of the students' environment. At the Um Al-Brak Primary Mixed School, keeping children safe is what Principal Al-Shooshi is most interested in. It's what makes her grateful for the work being done by CLWR, Global Affairs Canada and the Ministry of Education.