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More about Typhoon Haiyan relief

CLWR is accepting donations to help people affected by the devastating typhoon in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan has caused massive destruction and it has affected over 11 million people. It is estimated that up to 10,000 people were killed. 

We will be partnering with our American counterpart, Lutheran World Relief (LWR), in providing relief. 

Lutheran World Relief’s assessment team has traveled to Northern Cebu and Western Leyte identifying immediate needs. The LWR Philippines office in Mindanao is in communication with other ministry partners, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and local government officials.

Our priorities include:

Emergency shelter - we will provide shelter repair kits to families whose home were damaged in the typhoon

Cash programs - we will employ residents of three municipalities in Northern Cebu in short-term work assignments removing debris from public spaces, helping to get cash into the hands of those who need it

Household supplies - we will provide families who have lost their belongings with essential household supplies such as cooking utensils and plates

Clean water - we will provide high-capacity water filters to ensure communities have access to safe drinking water. These refillable water tanks hold 45 liters of water (about 12 gallons) and can filter 12 liters per hour.

Your donations will support this work. 

The Canadian government will be matching your donations up to December 23, 2013. All donations must be postmarked no later than that date.

You can also donate by phone (1.800.661.2597) or by mail (send cheque to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5). Please indicate you wish to donate to Typhoon Haiyan Relief.

More information is on our website: http://www.clwr.org/News/news-brief.cfm?news_id=339 

Lutheran World Relief’s skills, competencies and capacity with local organizations in the Philippines make them a trusted partner. Their on-the-ground presence will best steward your resources so that the people affected by this disaster can be helped now and through long-term recovery.

More information on LWR's response can be found at lwr.org/haiyan.



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